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Sliding glass Patio Doors were a great invention, they don’t take up any room on either side of the door. Smaller Apartments and even Large Homes found that from Living Room or Den there was plenty of room right next to that door to the patio for TV, Furniture and lots of other stuff because that door didn’t open into the room or out on the patio and take up that 3 feet of a regular swing door.

But when it stops sliding, it might as well just be a wall with glass to look through.

But the problem is, when you call a Handy Man he comes out and says “I can’t fix that” you will need a new sliding glass door, for $1800 or $2000 or more. Then when you get up off the floor from shock, you get on the internet and start looking for a better answer. Well you just found it, we don’t “Replace” Glass Patio Doors, we “Fix” them. We don’t come look at your door, we just come fix it. We have a van loaded down with sliding glass door wheel assemblies and track repair parts ready to come to your home and “Fix It”.
We can come fix your door to work to work with “One Finger” or “You Don’t Pay” for us to fix it. After answering just a few questions about your door we are able to come fix it right, most times people say that’s never worked that good, even when it was new. This is all we do, we don’t do Handy Man work, we just work on Sliding Glass patio Doors.

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